Vidu is a child who eagerly wants to go to school as other children of his age, but unfortunately is deprived of that right for reasons beyond his control. He does not have a legitimate father. Mother earns only few bucks hardly sufficient to feed him. They live in an isolated house in a coastal tourist-town. Other than the knowledge of English acquired by talking to tourists, Vidu does not have any form of formal primary education. One day a tourist throws Vidu a dollar note, thinking as if Vidu is a beggar.

“Why do you give me money ? What did I do to you to earn this money?” Vidu asks

“ What a little boy like you who hasn’t even gone to a school can do to earn a dollar from me?” The tourist asks in return.

Vidu takes this question as an insult and as a challenge. He is determined to add a value to his life which is not worth of a dollar now. The story of the film is his attempt to make his dream a reality.


We’re all very thrilled to bring you this exciting news: The “Vidhu” movie will start showing in theaters around the island from 10th of December 2010. You can go to your local cinemas and enjoy this refreshing new tale about a boy who is searching for his Hero. This family movie is a “must see” that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Be sure to catch it in December!


Vidhu Movie Trailer