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Sinhawalokanaya Film Trailer

Sinhawalokanaya Film Trailer

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Cricket–the favourite sport of the white coloured skin is now at a debate between the Silver Screens of the coloured in Asia.

“Sinhawalokanaya”, a movie revolving around the bat and ball will be screened tomorrow (14). There is much debate whether this is a copy of the Hindi movie ‘Lagaan’ produced in a mysterious manner.alt

Lankapuvath called on Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa the Director of the movie to clear such doubts. The white men with bat and ball in hand mocked at the coloured skin, who later outsmart the pioneers of the game.

altSuneth claims the “Sinhawalokanaya” is a novel experience to the Sinhala Cinema. In this movie there are new comers in the lead coming from a musical background. They are Delon Jayasingha and Raini Charuka Goonathilaka.

Among the veteran actors and actresses in the field, award winning actor of the altmini screen Meneka Rajapaksa is introduced to the Silver screen.

altWorld acclaimed batsman, the master for cover drives, Thilakarathne Dilshan is an added feature in the debut film presentation of Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa.



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