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Honda THAT'S  Review

Honda THAT'S Review

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THAT'S put on the market in February, 2002 is a car in the concept that is developed, and simply uses easily, and aimed at a smart, unique new proposal type light multi-wagon as for". As for externals that make "Style doesn't affect" a concept, a simple design that integrates the headlight with the turn signal lamp, expresses powerful and the play mind including an oblong headlight that emphasizes a wide feeling, and gives the corner roundness features. The interior has been brought together by the tone where it settles down silver and the black. The seat name tag to express the seat fabric and the play mind with installmental panel and the luster feelings of having imaged a simple table produce the space of the relaxation. The seat that was able to be arranged easily according to a flat floor and the purpose with few differences to which it got on and off easily was adopted besides the four corners of the cabin was kept away by square externals and the area around driver's head was secured. ZEST had been put on the market one month ago in March, 2006, the variation was arranged greatly, and it became set only of one grade that took equipment for a past special edition. The turbo car is abolished at the same time, it becomes set only of the natural suction engine, and it is combined with 3speed AT of the column-shift type. The drive system sets reaktype 4WD besides FF. The safety equipment such as dual bars only for the SRS air bag and the child seat fixation becomes all car standard, too.


Honda THAT'S Review

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