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It appears in September, 2002. The feature in the SPIKE though MOBILIO of the base was a minivan of the seat of three rows for the family user was to have made a seat of two rows and an overwhelming cargo spece. The concept is a garage box. For person who goes out to have a good time by using car. For person who wants to play with car. SPIKIE is a new sense commuter for them.
The central tank layout that arranges the fuel tank under the first row seat, and it has wide spaciousness on a low floor. As for the second row seat, the down of the diving is done by an easy operation and it becomes flat, and various usages such as knocking down the seat in the passenger's seat and making long luggage easy to pile up are possible.
The installing engine is 1.5L VTEC. A twin plug was adopted, and a practical torque and the fuel cost performance were achieved, and the balance was done by a high dimension, and a smooth running was achieved by combining HONDA multimatics of CVT that was able to be used as 7speed manual.
Various option equipment has been enhanced in February, 2004 as water-repellent seat epidermal, voice recognition HDD navigation system with a rear camera, door lining epidermal is set besides the large-scale plating grill and rear bumper garnish are adopted and the image of externals is changed.



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