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Honda ZEST  Review

Honda ZEST Review

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New light car that HONDA put on the market on March 1, 2006. It is a car turned on according to it though HONDA integrates three sales channels on the same day, and the system that all dealers treat all models of HONDA started. As for ZEST, the LIFE, THAT'S, and the car making that queued up for three to be developed as one of the pillars, and to consider the man user were performed.
A trapezoid design giving the impression that it is boxy as for the appearance-style is a characteristic, and two kinds of appearance of ZEST SPORTS system which wore normal ZEST system and an aeropart is set. A basic platform adopted the LIFE and the packaging that it was common, and secured very wide spaciousness as a light car. Especially, big room that extends to overhead is paid to attention. The back door can boast of a maximum level opening area in the light car besides opening from a low position, and the bulky luggage be loaded easily, too.
The installing engines are 2 valves SOHC of straight-3 660cc, and i-DSI engines of a twin plug that ignite the phase lag. Two kinds (natural suction and turbo) are prepared. The turbo specification generates the power of 47kW(64ps) that reaches the upper bound of the light car. It is only all car and electronically controlled 4-speed AT settings. As for the drive system, 4WD of the Biscascappring type is set to all grades based on FF.
The enhancement of equipment was aimed at as the minor change was done in January, 2007, grade W of ZEST SPORTS was equipped with the full auto air conditioner besides the variation of ZEST was squeezed, and all cars were equipped normally with the security alarm.


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