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Honda MOBILIO Review

Honda MOBILIO Review

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MOBILIO put on the market in December, 2001. It is the compact minivan which was developed by the target in the user who wishes "I want to have the style of having used the streetcar of Europe as the motif, and to master a car as a tool of a life every day", and was developed by the concept in the daily design. Short nose with the compact body of about 4m and low-floor packaging have realized seven-person riding of 3 sequence sheet. It is said that 3 sequence sheet secured the amenity which can sit down firmly according to the center layout which arranged the fuel tank on the bottom of 1 sequence sheet. Moreover, a maximum of 260mm slide is possible for 2 sequence sheet. Furthermore, it has the colorful sheet arrangement which can also load a load with the high back to 1360mm of indoor quantities, and about 2.6m long load. The door of a backseat adopts the both-sides slide door which is easy to get on and off in a narrow place. Interior design is devised so that the bottom end of door glass may be set as a low position and a child can also enjoy an outer scene by what the width and the feeling of opening of indoor space are impressed in by big glass area. Engine is 1.5L. of all cars, and transmission has adopted infinitely variable Honda multimatic S. In the minor change in January, 2004, order appearance was renewed and also comfortable nature and a feeling of opening, such as equipping 2 sequence sheet with a large-sized arm rest (except for Y type), are raised. Moreover, high environmental performances -- all types will suit discharge gas regulation in Heisei 17 -- were also realized.


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