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It is September, 2003 that life of the 3rd generation was born after revival. Heart full technology with the technology that considered for a heart to be considerate of a person is keyword. It was easy to use relief, fashion, niceness and aimed at the clean new generation light car. When the car collides mutually, the body for compatibility that is efficiently distributed energy and absorbed in the engine room is adopted in the body. The self-protection performance has improved greatly, too. A great making about 95mm Shortonorz is achieved by installing of the engine that shortens the back and forth length compared with the old model. High roadholding acquisition by a length and wheelbase achievement of the light car maximum level and a wide, comfortable spaciousness were achieved. The form from which the fender dashes out back and forth is a feature in externals. The interior aimed at a bright, comfortable space, and achieved variable type rear seat divided into 5:5, and the down of the diving was done by an easy operation, and various usages were achieved.
The engine is newly developed three cylinders SOHC i-DSI, and has the turbo specification. It is Lock-Up mechanism addition 4-speed AT that is combined. It can enjoy 12 all colors and the body colors abundantly prepared. Equipment was enhanced as a security alarm, a allergy free high performance deodorization filter, and a keyless entry were equipped normally in the minor change in September, 2006 according to the grade besides the design of the back and rear such as bumpers and headlights was changed. The smart parking assistance system that supported the steering wheel operation when parking to backward was newly set in the option.

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