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Akon new album Dark and Light Shadows

Akon new album Dark and Light Shadows

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Singer, rapper, and producer Akon is done with his new album, Dark and Light Shadows, but he’s still promoting his platinum 2004 debut, Trouble. MTV.com reports that Akon recently shot a video for the set’s fifth and final single, "Pot Of Gold." Akon explained, "’Pot of Gold’is the biggest record on the album to me. It’s pretty much about that one place that you go when you’re going through a lot to get away. There’s been a whole bunch of tragedies, a whole bunch of natural disasters going on in the world, and I feel like ’Pot of Gold’is the perfect record to put out to close out the album."

In addition to the new album, Akon has several other projects scheduled for 2006 including shooting his first movie, Trouble, which will be released through his own Konvict Films, as well as assisting his Konvict Music recording artist T-Pain with his career.

Akon said, "We’ve got the Konvict Records popping off — it’s doing very well. I’ve got my own diamond line that I’m about to start launching in February, so definitely look forward to that. And then of course we’re gonna get into Konvict Films. We’ll be doing movies based on gangstas locked up in prison and presenting their whole life stories and where they’re at now, so kids can watch it and not make the same mistake and end up in that same position."


Dark and Light Shadows

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