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FiiO E3 Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E3 Headphone Amplifier

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The E3 is an exceptionally compact and portable headphone amplifier designed to improve the sound quality of MP3/MP4 players, computers, mobile phones and other portable electronics when used with headphones. By providing a boost in output volume, the E3 helps your player’s battery last longer when playing music. Also useful for when you want to discreetly share your music, the E3 can be used to drive two pairs of headphones in parallel with the supplied Y-cable.

The E3 is not just about volume boost but enhanced music quality. A great pair of headphones can enhance your listening experience, but only if they are driven well and properly powered. Put an E3 Headphone Amplifier between your music source and your favourite pair of headphones or earphones for an awesome personal listening experience.

- Capable of driving high impendence and low sensitivity headphones
– Bass boost switch for enhanced low frequency output
– Small and easy to carry and use while on the move
– Increase your music player’s play time
– Uses only one AAA battery for up to 20 hours of use


- Output Power: 70 mW (32 ohms Load) 12 mW (300 ohms Load)
– Signal to Noise Ratio: >= 90 dB (A Weight)
– Distortion: < style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">

FiiO E3 Headphone Amplifier with Y-Cable

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