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Nokia 6700 Classic Phone

Nokia 6700 Classic Phone

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Great styling, durability and design make the Krusell Classic Case for Nokia 6700 Classic superior over other storage units. Unlike the plastic and metal cases, this unit is easier to handle and use. This case fits your mobile phone perfectly and you can access the mobile phone without any limitation. Designed exclusively for Nokia 6700 Classic mobile phones, it offers ultimate protection. Finished in high quality materials, this case withstands all thuds and scratches. The case guards the mobile phone and maintains it in pristine condition.

This case accentuates the style of the mobile phone. With specific openings and cuttings you can access the functions and ports of the mobile phone. An exclusive PVC protection is provided for the mobile phone screen. With additional protection for your mobile phone screen, the display of the device remains in good condition always. What’s more, this case comes with a SpringClip that makes it easier to carry and use.

Krusell Classic Multidapt Case for Nokia 6700 Classic is easier to handle and use. Your mobile phone is safe and secure within this case. You can also transport the mobile phone easily with this case.


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