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Rawana Ella waterfall

Rawana Ella waterfall

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Rawana Ella waterfall

Ravana waterfalls is one of very beautiful of Sri Lanka and which is situated at Badulla district and you can visit it Near Ella place. This waterfall is situated near the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road. When you travel along this way you can see nice waterfall called Ravana falls.

Ravana means ancient story of India and Sri Lanka. We can identify that this fall also has long history. Without special reason the name isn't kept. There fore we can't think that Ravana falls hasn't long history.

Middle of the Ravana fall there is a tunnel. People cant though it but in King Walagamba's time they might through it. Some people tried to through it although they couldn't get permission. Near Ravana falls there is a Temple called Dova Temple. This temple also has same tunnel. Some says that those tunnels are not two those are only one. Some says that there are tunnel system to protect king and others. Various places of Badulla district has these type of tunnels. Dova Temple was made by King Walagamba in 13th Century.

Dowa king Walagmba ancient Temple and there were very secret tunnel system at between those places. In now some tunnels are there. Through the tunnels is some what dangerous.

Dova Perahara at every year to Kumbalwela and Bandarawela.


Rawana waterfall

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