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Isurumuniya Lovers

Isurumuniya Lovers

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Isurumuniya Lovers
The above Brahmi inscription was inscribed at the original place where the Isurumuniya Lovers were originally sculptured and placed. It is a special one as a letters in this inscription is 3 inches x 4 inches in size. After donating Vessagiriya to Maha Sangha this sculpture would have been removed and placed at its present place. The Lovers in the sculptured plaque are King Kuvera Vaisrawana and his Queen Kuni. Ramayana states that Vaisrawana who lived in Vessagiriya ruled Sri Lanka from Lankapura before Rawana. (Refer Sri Lanka Rawana Rajadhaniya – Ariyadasa Seneviratna Chapter 9)

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