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Diyaluma Fall Inn Hotel

Diyaluma Fall Inn Hotel

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Located near the Diyaluma water falls along A4 Road, Colombo, Beragala, Wellawaya at 206km from the capital city is a different world.

Diyaluma falls is the second highest perennial water falls in Sri Lanka, worlds 6th highest, which is 628ft, is a dramatic cascade descends from Poonagalla rock in the Southern escarpment of the central hills is an unforgettable sight. Its enchanting silver sprays have captured the hearts of local and foreign nature lovers.

  • Salubrious mild climate and idle setting, quiet and tranquil gifted by Mother Nature.
  • Five natural rock pools, ideal for a stimulating cool dip and relaxation under the shade of wild greenery.
  • One hour climb to the top of the water fall through Diyaluma Rubber Estate to enjoy the enchanting view.
  • Meditate in an ancient cave which houses a variety of indigenous small Bats.
  • Much of our produce are grown in our garden
  • Water from natural springs.
  • Proximity to archeological sites, tea and rubber plantations, spice gardens, wild life parks and bird sanctuaries.
  • View of water fall from each room.
  • Sri Lanka’s highest water fall – Bambarakande is in close proximity.
  • 16th Century BOGODA Bridge which is constructed by wood, without nails, over Gallanda Oya, leads to Bogoda Raja Maha Viharaya.
  • Mini Hydro Project in the Hotel

Diyaluma Falls Inn.
14, Diyaluma, Koslanda
Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 (0)575 678 910
Telephone:#+94 (0)555 679 810

W.Jinath Bandara Premadasa
W. Premadasa

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