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Alawala Devin Penna Falls

Alawala Devin Penna Falls

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Alawala Devin Penna Falls

This is a 45m fall and the surrounding area are of great historical importance and steeped in legend.

Near the fall there are three large caves, one stretching back for a distance of about 0.5km, and according to local villagers, the nearby town of Ratnapura can be reached through it. In ancient times, Sri Lanka's King Vijayabahu III is said to have made a home of two of the caves. Along similarly royal lines, the ashes of Sri Lanka's ancient King Parakamabahu II are said to be enshrined in the Dambadeni Seya Stupa in the nearby Attanagalla Raja Maha Viharaya (temple). Also, near the fall itself, five holes that are found in a rock are believed to have been used by ancient queens to play the indigenous game known as Pancha. According to local villagers, the streams that serve the fall have never dried up, even in


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