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Mitsubishi COLT PLUS Car Review

Mitsubishi COLT PLUS Car Review

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COLT PLUS of improving utility around cargo room as estate car based on COLT of compact car. It was put on the market in October, 2004. A rear overhang is expanded compared with the COLT, and about 300mm is extended and the load room is expanded. Flexible cargo floor that can freely arrange the cargo room area and convenience by one-touch folding seat to which rear seatback can be knocked down only by operating the lever of the electric opening and shutting type tail gate and the cargo room that becomes the first in the class and an easy operation are adopted.
The externals design expressed the style with an unrestricted only PLUS in an extending rear part based on the COLT. The room sets the interior color of three types according to the grade. The quality feeling was expressed by coordinating the color and the material based on the world of the COLT that caused richness oppositely by decreasing the element.
The installing engine is NA(Natural Aspiration) and a turbo specification of 1.5L. As for the transmission, CVT (gearless transmission) is combined with all cars. The vehicle exhaust emission performance of the NA engine was improved besides a biotechnology clear filter was adopted by the minor change in November, 2005, and the safety equipment was enhanced. The externals design of the RALLIART is changed in May, 2006, RECARO seat is improved, and the output of the engine has been improved besides the option is set. The equipment of the base grade was improved in November, 2006, and the expansion of the variation was aimed at as the grade of the enhancement equipment was set. The changing the speed pattern of CVT is changed at the same time and fuel cost has been improved.


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