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Mazda AXELA Car Review

Mazda AXELA Car Review

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AXELA was marketed as a succession large-scale sale model of FAMILIA in October,2003. As the staple merchandise of Mazda, the model made as next generation compact sports that pass globally in four corners of the movement performance, the design, the quality, the package, and the safety.
"Comfortable quality in five senses" was achieved in the interior and a high-quality feeling of upper class in addition to a basic making crowding and the functionality was achieved in the motto.
A newly developed platform is adopted. The point to have made operativeness that adopted the suspension system of the new design that adopted the multi link type, in the same form as ATENZA, in front and rear, and was excellent and steady driving comfort demonstrated is a feature as for MacPherson type which concluded Sascrosmembar with the body with four point rubber mount.
The engine acquires both low exhaust gas recognition of 1.5L/2.0L/2.3L with straight four cylinders DOHC. Actibmatic with the manual mode function is adopted for the AT all cars.
In the minor change in November, 2005, the utility such as audio and auto light system/rain sensor wiper expanded the grade by which the standard was installed, and was set to a new body color. 2.0L and 2.3L cars are improved at 5speed AT besides the specification of the exterior design and the interior in about June, 2006 is changed, and Mazda Speed AXELA (23S) equipped with 2.3L turbo also does an additional setting.


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