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Yamaha FZ-S

Yamaha FZ-S

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Product Description

The Associated Motorways Company (AMW) recently created a major revolution in the scene by introducing the exceptional Yamaha FZ-S motor bicycle.

The newest edition of the bike has some special features above its European look including new colours and graphics, the power to have minimal wind effect, sporty speedometer and a rich look among others. In addition it also has an attractive set of lamps. The concept of the manufacturers who described it as a ‘real male’ has also been justified by the end product.
In comparison to other 150 cc bikes in the market today, this product becomes extra special because of its power, easy-to-handle features, good looks and the superior quality engine.

The ‘Triple Muscular’ concept has been adopted in manufacturing the Yamaha FZ-S, spotlighting on three main areas. They are the Muscular Silhouette, Muscular Body and Muscular Chassis. The engine is powered by features like Air-cool, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve 153 cc. The unusual 12-litre capacity fuel tank has justified the bike’s Aerodynamic shape.

An extra-wide 140/60-17” tubeless tyre has been used for the rear wheel in addition to the safety conscious front disk brake.
The silencer in FZ-S reduces sound, increases speed and fuel consumption and is so environment friendly. Two layers have been used to beat the heat of the silencer. A Monocross suspension has been used for the rear wheel for more comfort while the multi0-reflector lamps give more distinct light. The entire metre panel in the Yamaha FZ-S is digital.

AMW is making special arrangements to set up a separate unit for Yamaha FZ-S bikes under a special price promotion and spare parts division. Yamaha FZ-S will indeed provide a novel riding experience for Sri Lankans.

- Text: Shamila Pix : Malaka


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