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Volkswagen Jetta Car

Volkswagen Jetta Car

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Few small cars have the following of the Volkswagen Jetta, VW's best-selling model in the U.S. The name, says VW, refers to the Atlantic jetstream, "combined with the luxury and power of a modern jetliner."

Early models were homely and underpowered, but a successful mid-1990s redesign established the Volkswagen Jetta as the compact sedan of choice for up-and-coming buyers in their 20s. This model's subtly upscale cabin accommodations, fun-to-drive demeanor and VW-cool styling set it apart from mainstream economy cars. The availability of a diesel model called the TDI meant that the Jetta could be very fuel-efficient as well. Later, Volkswagen added a Jetta wagon, which proved popular with young families.

Recently, VW noted that the average Jetta buyer was now in his 30s and likely in need of more room. So the company made the fifth-generation model (2005 to present) considerably larger, transforming it from a compact into a midsize car. In the process, styling cues and handling characteristics were softened, giving the Jetta a more conventional look and feel


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