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Toyota highlander

Toyota highlander

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The Toyota highlander was considered as one of the very first mid sized cross over SUV. This vehicle was designed with more additional features over Toyota’s conventional sports utility vehicles. The additional features included the less cabin noise, improved handling system, improved cash worthiness, easier passage of passengers. This was liked by the car lovers due to its uni-body design like a car.
The Toyota highlander was redesigned in 2008. The current 2008 Highlander was bit larger than its predecessor models. This model was also equipped with powerful V6 engine along with an updated styling. The fuel economy of Highlander model was increased in its 2008 model.

The current Toyota highlander model is offered with a seven passenger seating capacity. There is also a seat suitable for the children. The Highlander model is offered in three types of trim levels- Limited, base as well as Sport.


The Base model has enough standard features to attract its buyers. The sports variant is offered with a sport tuned suspension, bigger wheels and many more luxurious features. The Limited variant Highlander is equipped with leather upholstery, softer suspension system in comparison to Sports models along with an impressive interior design features. Moreover, there is also a hybrid powered Highlander available in the market.


The highlander comes with a standard 2.7 L, 4-cylinder engine fro its base trim level model. This vehicle generates power up to 187 hp. The other trim levels are offered with a 3.5 L V6 engine. They generate power up to 270 hp.


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