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Nokia X6 Mobile Phone

Nokia X6 Mobile Phone

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The Nokia x6 has an expected release date in the 4th quarter of 2009.It is being released along with its smaller sister the Nokia x3.Both these phones look to pioneer a new series of nokia phones. It appears that the x series of phones is a development on the xpressmusic series and will be looking to taking over the mantel. The nokia x6 is a nice step up from the existing nokia 5800 xpressmusic.

Sleeker in design than the 5800, the Nokia x6 has modified one of the weaknesss of the 5800 and upgraded the in built camera to a 5 megapixel camera. However the display screen is still very similar being 3.2” 640x360 pixel display.

When purchasing the Nokia x6 you can choose to have the normal version or the “comes with music” version allowing you unlimited music downloads.

The Nokia x6 comes with 32GB of non-expandable memory, several software updates for better social networking sites and of course the upgraded camera. Apart from these upgrades though there is not so much difference between the Nokia x6 and the 5800.The Nokia x6 however is a much sleeker, nicer looking phone.
The Nokia X6 is a 3G phone with tri-band UMTS and support for HSDPA downloads at a maximum of 6 mbps and is being promoted by nokia as a media player, being able to cope with almost all major video and audio formats. There is a tv out port and you have playback through Bluetooth stereo or the phones own speakers. And as pretty standard on most new phones today there is an FM radio.

The web browser comes with Flash Lite support and the email client supports Microsoft Exchange and standard protocols. The Nokia x6 is an S60 smart phone which does mean that new applications can be added in the future, however there are many applications already preloaded including a version of sporeAvailable in Black/Red and White/Blue combinations we feel that the Nokia x6 is an improvement on the 5800.We like its style and handability. The price tag might be a little too expensive for some, diverting them to maybe purchase the Nokia x3.With being released before Christmas this phone is sure to be very popular ending up in many a persons Christmas stocking on Christmas day.
So here we go again. Yet another release in the ever evolving mobile phone market. The thing is with mobile phones it seems that no sooner have you made a purchase then your handset is outdated both in technology and looks.
But the new technology of touch screen we feel is stay around for quite a while. Touch screen is the natural progression to the contemporary button handsets and we suppose one day will completely replace them. And for this reason that is why we think Nokia has put so much time and effort into designing the Nokia x6.
We don’t know your opinions on how Nokia has been for the last couple of years but to us we reckon they kind of lost the plot. They were releasing new handsets every other week it appeared with none of the releases being above average or spectacular in any way. The competition in the mobile phone market is intense to say the least. Ten years ago Nokia were easily top of the tree outselling any competitor with their style and technology. You should never judge a book by it’s cover but it seems that appearance does indeed have a huge impact at least with mobile phones. Ten years ago Ericsson was a competitor to Nokia and they did have better technology at hand in their phones.
However the design of their handsets appeared to let them down as their sales fell well below that of Nokia. The Nokia phones always looked more advanced and sleek whereas the Ericsson’s kind of looked like small bricks. The theory of appearance playing a great part in mobile phone success is supported hugely by the joining of forces of Sony and Ericsson. The Sony designers came out with beautiful looking handsets and filled with the Ericsson technology they became an instant success with millions of sales. Nokia was no longer at the forefront. Their mediocre designs were not making much of an impression and their fall in sales only helped the Sony Ericsson combination further.

It’s taken Nokia a while to comprehend this and with the Nokia x6 it seems they have finally woken up and decided to do something about it. Now whether this is because of a change in personal in their design department or whether management have gone back to basics we are not sure. However there are no complaints here as it’s only the consumer who will benefit and what benefit’s the consumer has with the new Nokia X6!! You only have to look and touch the Nokia x6 to realise that Nokia still has the magic to making excellent mobile phones. Let’s hope they continue in this mode and hit the heights they deserve.


Nokia X6 Mobile Phone Review

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