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RC Helicopter-Esky 2.4GHz 6 CH Belt-CP X ECCPM 3D Aerobatic Electric

RC Helicopter-Esky 2.4GHz 6 CH Belt-CP X ECCPM 3D Aerobatic Electric

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Product Description

The latest ESky Belt-CP X is an upgrade version of the world famous ESky Belt-CP RC helicopter. With totally fresh apperance and new designs for the main rotor and tail rotor systems, the Belt-CP X increases the stability, powerful and accuracy of the helicopter as well as to give more direct control by the pilot.

E-Sky has created a newly designed 2.4GHz frequency band,"2.4GHz" RC system with advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital FSK(frequency shift key)Coding Technology. This offers many advantages compared to traditional 72 MHz transmitters.

Traditional remote control distance for helis and park flyers is about 250 meters,requiring a transmitter with 750mW transmitting power consumption. But 2.4GHz transmitter just needs 4mW power to perform at the same level.
2.4GHz uses binding or FSK,to prevent signal interference when flying in large groups.
2.4GHz remote control systems employ an integrated frequency synthesis and FSK(frequency shift key) technology,which automatically programs and sets the working frequency via the microprocessor. Flyers can enjoy a glitch free flight without changing crystals.
The signal between the transmitter and receiver use a redundant data stream to ensure accuracy.
The Radio system offers quick response and reduced servo chatter.
2.4Ghz RC System frequency wave range is 1/4 of the usual used frequency wave range. The transmitter antenna is just 14.5cm in length and the receiver antenna is greatly reduced over 72MHz.


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