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Malani predicts bright reel future for  sri Lanka

Malani predicts bright reel future for sri Lanka

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UPFA national list MP and screen queen Malani Fonseka who participated in the budget debate for the first time in her new political career on Thursday called for the assistance of Indian artistes to train Sri Lankan artistes on commercial film industry.

Speaking during the committee stage of the budget Malani also said opportunities should be given to those Sri Lankan artistes who had excelled in artistic films to train their foreign counterparts on artistic film producing.

“Local artistes are capable of creating quality works of art and should be given the opportunity to train their foreign counterparts,” she said.

Malani predicted a bright future for the Sinhala cinema with the concessions given to the local film industry at this year’s budget. She said the huge tax concessions given to local films will give a boost to the local cinema and the import duty reduction given to equipment including reels will also have a positive impact.

She said the patriotic mindset instilled on Sri Lankans including the artistes before and after the war had provided an excellent platform for the creation of quality films. She said few quality films such as Abba and Samanala Tahtu that had been already screened are some of these films that were created in this situation.
Malani also welcomed the setting up of a tele cinema village at Ranminithenna describing it as a welcome move at a time when there were no quality studios in the country.


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