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IRA HANDA YATA -Sinhala Movie

IRA HANDA YATA -Sinhala Movie

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The message in this film (under the Sun and Moon) is unambiguous and crystal clear. The Director of the film Bennett Rathnayake interprets the title of the film , “As preached by the Lord Buddha if there is something that we cannot hide eternally that is only the Sun, Moon and the truth. ‘Ira Handa Yata’ is to resurrect the series of events that took place in this country by disclosing the truth behind them,” One could also interpret that the Sun and the Moon do not discriminate any being living under, in providing light. There are no different Suns and Moons for different peoples based on ethnicity, language, caste or color. Therefore, all peoples should understand the uselessness of such differentiations among human beings. The secondary message is that love cuts across and has no concern for atrociously divided ethnic barriers.

Bennett Rathnayake has been able to create a gripping human drama based on Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism and its consequential fall out on its victims, to convey his powerful message. Above and beyond, he portrays his love for the country and how much yearning he has to see a peaceful prosperous motherland. I have heard about Bennett Rathnayake as one of the good film directors in the film industry but have not seen any of his previous films. “Ira Handa Yata” has won many international awards and whatever the awards it has won are fully justifiable.

An accidental meeting of a Corporal (Rakhitha) and an officer (Mahasen) of the Sri Lanka Army, in the forested war ground of Vanni at a dark night, facing a blistering attack of the enemy is the beginning of the story. The corporal’s efforts, who himself is wounded in the leg, to save the critically wounded officer through sheer respect, becomes futile and he ultimately abandon’s the officer at the request of him, while taking a last message from the officer to his wife. The officer ultimately faces death in the hands of a ruthless LTTE area leader while the corporal languishes in a hell hole of a prison of the LTTE along with other prisoners. He undergoes untold misery and torture but ultimately is rescued by the Sri Lanka Army. The corporal is having guilt over the death of the officer because he feels partly responsible for the officer being killed by the LTTE


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