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Chandana and team excel in India

Chandana and team excel in India

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Renowned dance choreographer Chandana Wickramasinghe who has become a household name not only in Sri Lanka but also in many parts of the world, marked a significant rise in the past couple of years.

Chandana who is known for his inimitable knack of blending rhythms and movements from the East and the West, was behind the success of several colourful events especially in the past two years.

On the international scene, Chandana and his troupe performed several shows in India, besides shows in Berlin, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and other countries, introducing new segments to his fascinating line up. With the Peacock, Sea Horse, Cleopatra and Mermaid dance items, Chandana has indeed become a significant brand name in dancing. Among his newest creations are Lion, Adhari, Mother Earth, Fire (Agni) and Kadupul.
In 2008 he performed together with his troupe in Mumbai, in 2009 in Rajasthan and this in New Delhi.

Chandana and his team returned to the country a few days ago after mesmerizing Indian audiences at the ‘River Song – Dance Opera’ in New Delhi together with a blend of Hollywood and other stars including Tom Alter, Anthony Hayward, Mark Hannant, Khozem Merchant, Amit Sinha, Sue Sahrma, Zoeb Kanorwall, Satish Ilake, Shivina Singh, ma O Ma Sung and Chandana’s dynamic 12-member team.

“This year’s show was unique because of the blend with graphic visuals and the live dances. The River Song Dance Opera book was launched at a ceremony attended by Minister Pranab Mukherjee. The event was held close to the Indian parliamentary complex and we were indeed proud to be Sri Lankans at the event. Our High commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam also attended the event. The following day we staged the ‘Salamba’ concert in Mumbai. Taking Lankan dance to international platforms is no easy task since they should be blended with real quality. I am thankful that Channa Sir and Ravibandu Sir did it in style. I am extremely grateful to all those who helped make this event ‘River Song Dance Opera’ a resounding success,” said Chandana who is one of the most sought after dance choreographers today both in the local and international scene.

The River Song dance Opera was encompassed on varied themes like the River dance, We are Africa, What is a country, The future woman parliamentarian, Old Connections, free Trade Agreements, A True Gujarati, Iqbal and The Eagle, Oh Turkey, Emperor Akbar and Ode to a Dean.
Chandana was the dance choreographer of the historic film ‘Aba’ which is being screened now. He was also involved in choreography in movies like Adaraneeya Wassanaya, Nilambare, Tharaka Mal and others.

As an actor, Chandana played crucial roles in a few popular tele dramas


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