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How to Get Rid of Pimples

How to Get Rid of Pimples

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As opposed to the advice about getting rid of acne, how to get rid of pimples poses a different sort of problem. Though acne and pimples are pretty much the same thing, the former being the most common medical term for the latter, pimples themselves can be controlled without the aid of medications provided by your doctor. The advice that follows is for the person who gets the occasional pimple. If you're having serious problems with acne, you should probably check out the article about how to treat acne. So, for the occasional pimple, this is what you should do.

Don't pop that pimple right away.
Popping a pimple prematurely, before you can see the puss about to burst the skin, can cause a mild skin infection, a cyst (by pushing the infection further down into the pore), or even worse, a terrible scar. Wait until you can see the yellow puss about to break through the skin.

Prepare for a small surgical pimple removing procedure.
You'll need a small sewing needle, a bottle of alcohol, some gauze (or a small band-aid), and some warm water. Some people think you'll need to run a needle through a flame. This isn't Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. Rubbing alcohol will do.

Wash your face and hands before attempting to pop the pimple.
Washing your face and hands ensures that all makeup, oils, germs and bacteria are no longer near the pimple you're about to burst. Also, dip a majority of the needle in the alcohol, and for safe measure apply some of that alcohol to your fingers and the pimple--dabbing with some gauze to dry the area.

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