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Sigiriya Cobra Hooded Cave

Sigiriya Cobra Hooded Cave

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Sigiriya Cobra Hooded Cave
This is called Cobra Hooded Cave as it has its shape. The tradition states that Sita was held in captivity here. There are many pre-historic drawings on its ceiling. There is a distinct link between Sita and the cave and it the following is inscribed, ‘Parumaka naguliya lene’. It would have been inscribed after Rawana’s period but positively it has a connection to Sita’s stay in this cave, as the word ‘naguliya’ refers to Sita. According to Indian folklore Sita’s foster father King Janaka named her Sita, as she was found on the line of a ploughshare. [Refer Sir Mornier Williams Sanskrit – English Dictionary page 1218 Column 2] Raksha maidens called her Naguli, as she was born off the ploughshare. The most significant feature of the Rock was the Lion flight of steps leading to the palace garden on top. Of the Lion’s entrance all that what’s left now is the two huge paws and a heap of brickwork that enclose the primeval granite steps.
The cuts and groves on the rock face give an idea of the size and shape of the lion figure. There are also remains of paintings in some of the caves at the foot of the rock. The painting on the roof of the Cobra Hood Cave or Naguliya lene dates back to pre – Christian era.
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