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Horton Plains National Park-Sri Lanka

Horton Plains National Park-Sri Lanka

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The Horton Plains National Park is the only national park situated in the wet zone of the country and falls within the Nuwara Eliya district. Situated 2300m above sea level this national park has different climatic conditions and habitat to all the other national parks. Almost all life forms in Horton Plains are adapted to the high altitude conditions. There are a lot of endemic flora and fauna found in the plains itself. The endemicity among fauna is comparatively high. Bear Monkey (race of the Purple Face leaf Monkey), Sambhur and Leopard are some interesting mammals. One would also find several endemic hill country birds in the Horton plains national park.

The panoramic scenic beauty of the hill country could be witnessed within the park. The famous "World's End" and "Bakers Falls" are major attractions. The Kirigalpotta, second highest peak and the Thotapola, third highest peak of the country are also situated in the Horton plains

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