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History of Rumassala

History of Rumassala

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History of Rumassala
While at Rumassala, one must make it a special point to see a very old institution of learning. The Buona vista school possesses an impressive history. Among its alumni, are Sir Oliver Goonetileka, Prof. Senarath Paranavithana and Martin Wickremasinghe.

Rumassala shelters, those under its shadow, when the Tsunami struck. But, on either side of the Fortress Rumassala, Tsunami’s effect was grievous and disastrous.

Rumassala is undergoing a process of fast urbanising, roads, residential places, restaurants are being continuously built.

When we were children, we sat on the comely beaches and had literary debates and recited poetry. Rumassala was then a place of mystery, and had been inhabited only peripherally. But, with all the modernisation, a streak of mystery still remains.

On a visit there, if you momentarily stepped beyond the beaten track and walked among the trees and bushes that still stand, you may even come upon the miraculous Kalu Nika - the life giver.


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