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Demodara Arch Nine Bridge

Demodara Arch Nine Bridge

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Demodara Arch Nine Bridge
Demodara is a very beautiful place for Sri Lankan and other many tourists because most beautiful railway station of Sri Lanka is at Demodara and also most beautiful and wonderful Railway 9arch bridge also at Demodara.

This station is some what different than other railway stations of world. Different is under the rail way station there is railway tunnel. This tunnel is directly under the railway station. The train comes through the tunnel and after travel about 400m gap which round way then comes to Station. What a wonderful?

In the time after 1920AD British government with Sri Lankan workers are created this rail way to Badulla station. There was a problem for create way after Demodara because there about 50gap to downside. All engineers choose to stop the road making. But Sri Lankan boy who was control cattles said to this way. The boy said about the road with his rope. By the way.. How ever today Demodara becomes most beautiful rail way station of Sri lanka.

And also Demodara has 9arch railway bridge. This bridge making idea also had Sri lankan man. The bridge is at between Demodara and Ella stations. Demodara is third rail way station from Badulla.

Demodara has cool climate and less than 20km from Bandarawela. Dunhinda and Ravana waterfalls are closed to Demodara. Many upcountry tea factories at Demodara.


Train On Demodara Arch 9 Bridge

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