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Bogoda Bridge -wooden bridge in Sri Lanka

Bogoda Bridge -wooden bridge in Sri Lanka

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My country, Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage and many historical places with old constructions. I like to tell you about the oldest wooden bridge in Sri Lanka, the Bogoda Bridge situated at Hali-Ela in Badulla. The bridge was built across the Gallanda Oya which is a branch of the Uma Oya.According to the legend surrounding this ancient bridge, a father and a son had been responsible for building this bridge. They had been very clever timber craftsmen.It is completely made of wood without a single metal nail being used. The bridge is fifty feet long and five feet wide. It has a roof to protect the bridge and the people who go on it, from the rain.The pillars are nicely carved with ancient designs. In the past it has been used, not only to get across the stream, but also as an “ambalama”. There is an old temple near the bridge. There is also a cave which the Buddhist Monks had lived in during ancient times. People still use this bridge which is in good condition. It is our duty to protect and appreciate these types of magnificent creations.

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